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Please see the links below for other products and services to achieve safety, style and comfort.


Versa AccessWear

Versa AccessWear is merging fashion forward design with construction elements to fill the needs and wants of today’s woman experiencing limited physical mobility. *Versa tech support are making changes. Please visit their site at:



Rubber Side Down

Rubber Side Down motorsport clothing is your one stop shop for riding jackets, pants, boots, gloves, protectors, rainsuits and anything else you require.

RSD takes pride in custom styling, design ,color or sizes for each customer’s personal riding needs.

You don't have to pay big "name brand" prices to get top quality clothing for whatever you ride.

RSD is very pleased to be aligned with Aurora Riding Gear and look forward to working with Wendy and Gary.

Visit Rubber Side Down at


Cobra Imaging

Cobra Imaging are specialists in providing unique decorative solutions to a variety of coating issues. Cobra uses a process called water transfer printing to apply decorative patterns in wood grains, carbon fibres, camouflage, and more to a multitude of products.

Cobra works with clients to provide a durable finishing solution that will stand up to the demands
of the environment where their products need to perform.

Cobra coatings beautify, protect and add value to automotive, marine, household, sporting, military, prostetics, recreational and industrial products. Cobra coatings stand up well to abrasion, chemical exposure, as well as extreme temperatures and environmental conditions.

Visit Cobra Imaging at


Acknowledgements: Family and friends for support and insight. Shared experiences, which raised our awareness for the need of increased safety. And to those who dare to stand out in a crowd, with colourful tattoos, rainbow spiked hair do's and shimmery bedazzling, for you assisted the vision to materialize. You're all our inspiration.

To my Aunt Kathleen, for her encouragement and artistc design ideas. For expertise guidance and brilliant graphics, encapsulating the passion behind Aurora Riding Gear.   Many thanks to my cousin, John Parker, for our Aurora logo, "Wing's".

Safe journey fellow rider who braves the open road!

Sincerely, Wendy Shellard-Benna and Gary Benna.


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