I was Vancouver born when world population was 3 billion and little importance was given to seat belts, safety skills or active wear.

When I was three and learned how to pedal a tricycle, I was thrilled! Riding upon my first two wheeler bicycle at age six, while chrome spokes shimmered in the sunlight, was magical! To ride.....freedom!

In my teens, I was introduced to dirt bikes and motorcycles. I felt safer than inside a motor vehicle... imagining I could just jump off if need be.

While in my twenty's, a move north revealed magnificent displays of the northern lights; their colourful dance, mesmerizing. I learned many cultures believe the Aurora Borealis build confidence and bless lives with positive eternal change. Awakened, with my then young daughters, we would move to central B.C. 

Ten years later, I met my now husband with 2 children. We enjoyed many outdoor activities. For years we rode a motorcycle with unapproved helmets, t-shirts and shorts like we were invincible. Our own children scoffed, "You two are crazy!" Aurora Riding Gear

Riders and other sports enthusiasts, shared their stories, insisting we smarten up. So that we did, in black DOT helmets and full gear.

We raised hands across the miles hailing, "Safe Journey Fellow Rider Who Braves The Open Road!"

In 2010, world population was estimated 8 billion; vastly growing on and off road traffic. All walks of life, through the spectrum of ages, were looking for increased safety without compromising adventure or apparel. This became our motivation.

While searching for pro-active solutions, colourful glowing reflections of the northern lights came to mind and essentially the vision for Aurora Riding Gear products were born. 

With appreciation for life, be brilliant and blessed as you, Ready Set Glow with Aurora Riding Gear.

Sincerely, Wendy Shellard-Benna and Gary Benna

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