Ready, Set, Glow~ with colourful, high visibility, full reflective products by Aurora Riding Gear.

Bringing friends and families on the go~ fun and safety closer together!

Crests, decals, arm and leg bands, compliment apparel, evoke alertness in others and draw attention to YOU!

Whether riding a motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, snowmobile or any mobilty device. On roller-blades, skateboard; out for a run or stroll. Visibility is essential in support of a safe and sensational ride, walk and roll.

On commute or at play, Aurora Riding Gear, high visibilty products are the practical solution, essential to increased safety!


  • Black is most popular for riding gear and active wear.
  • Black absorbs all colours of the visible spectrum and reflects none.
  • Black is awesome~Alive is awesomer!

To be seen is as imperative to survival as the air that we breathe!

Aurora Riding Gear is vivid, colourful and reflective to illuminate you!

Be brilliant alike the Aurora Borealis... wear Aurora Riding Gear and "Ready, Set, Glow!" 

 News: To Anna Heckrotdt, of Pinz-N-Needlez Tattooing, Piercing and Board Shops as well as N.O.B.I.S. of Salmon Arm~ for inviting us to the skatebaord and bicycle event during Brain Injury Prevention week. And for sharing space to promote our high visibility wears during the motorcycle rally~ THANK YOU!

We'll be bringing in a new and improved line in the near future. Please check back or call our toll free: #888-855-4569, or local: 250-833-4312 to purchase your Aurora kits!:)

Winter 2012, the Aurora Borealis-Northern Lights, will display their most magnificent show since 1961! Fate...I think so!

1 Crest - 2 Leg / Arm Bands - 1 Large and Small Decal. Crests and appliques are iron-on/stitch on and will adhere to most fabrics and textiles. The Leg / Arm Bands are removable, adjustable, flexible and waterproof. The kits come in either Night Rider (Black on Silver), or Vision Quest (Silver on Aurora Sky). All of our materials are manufactured with 3M scotch lite, full reflective materials.
Price: 49.95
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